DataFlow Launches Zest User Interface To Optimise Efficiency and Minimise Errors

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Published Date: 28 April, 2023

Last updated on: 12 July, 2023

The DataFlow Group (DataFlow), a leading provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, has launched Zest User Interface (UI), a modern, applicant-friendly user interface to accelerate application verification turnaround times. The enhanced UI will help to reduce existing insufficiency rates, which are a result of applicants submitting their PSV applications with errors or missing information, causing avoidable delays in the application process.

According to InterNation’s Expats Essential Index, the United Arab Emirates ranked as the second best country in the world for expats to live and work in 2022. Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar also ranked within the top ten countries for expats according to the index. As a result, clients based in the region who are recruiting new international talent and applicants considering working in regulated sectors, including healthcare, engineering and education, in these countries, are increasingly demanding enhanced verification solutions that offer transparency, quality and comprehensive end-to-end services. DataFlow services several specialised sectors across the GCC and globally, helping employers connect with the right, verified talent, and the introduction of an intuitive and user-friendly interface is vital to accommodate the growth in these sectors for document verification.

The introduction of Zest UI is the latest step in DataFlow’s digital journey to enable more accessible services for applicants seeking employment in regulated sectors by minimising the number of opportunities for errors and reducing the time from application to final verification. 

Garry Taylor - Chief Technology Officer
Garry Taylor – Chief Technology Officer

Garry Taylor, Chief Technology Officer at DataFlow, said: “It is imperative to continuously rebuild and rethink how we provide technology solutions for applicants to counter any issues and misunderstandings related to the application process, which will make the verification process quicker and easier, thereby minimising errors and maximising opportunities for applicants to receive an approved, verified report.

“The data verification process for applicants can be intensive in terms of the collection and processing of data and documents. We strive to be the best-in-class at verifying applicants’ documents and will provide an interface to reduce the time taken for applications by 50 per cent, enable a 100 per cent reduction in errors, and reduce the need for further applicant communication and IT support by 75 per cent. This will significantly decrease the application turnaround from submission to the provision of verified reports.”

Zest UI utilises the latest in data verification technology and detects false documents misrepresentations, blank documents and incorrect details to minimise errors associated with uploading documents. Zest UI also reduces the risk of inaccurate data being entered by removing free-text fields and implementing additional drop-down menus to guide the application process. DataFlow developed the enhanced UI by utilising critical learnings from previous interfaces, focusing on the correct data being collected in the initial application stages to address the current insufficiency levels in applications. Zest UI enables clearer communication channels between DataFlow and its applicants and will improve the process of the verification of documents.

At the time of launch, Zest UI is available to applicants submitting documents for verification for a limited number of DataFlow’s clients, and additional clients will be migrated to the new interface gradually in the coming months. The applicant entry screen is the first portal to be launched, with plans to merge all of DataFlow’s existing platforms into a single platform offering a single interface for all users by the end of the year, which is in line with the company’s strategy to provide a unified platform for applicants and public and private entities that includes portals for application, configuration, client services and reporting.

Taylor concludes: “We have received over 2.5 million applications and verified more than 4.5 million documents, including education degrees, work permits, passports, employment certificates and practice licenses, over the last five years. As DataFlow grows, we will continue to explore ways to make the application process as straightforward as possible for applicants, ensuring we communicate with them clearly and frequently at every step of the application process. We must safeguard key sectors and ensure all employees are verified and viable to work in the fields within which they are employed. We look forward to launching Zest UI and making primary source verification a much simpler process for all our applicants and clients.”

With the launch of Zest UI, DataFlow will increase the efficiency of the verification services for applicants from around the world who are seeking employment in sectors that require the verification of education and employment documents. DataFlow has been entrusted by governments, regulators, and public and private organisations worldwide to provide discreet, timely and accurate screening solutions that support them in making sound, fact-based recruitment decisions and mitigate the potential risks of fraudulent employment applications.

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