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DataFlow has been providing Primary Source Verification services to the Oman Society of Engineers since 2016. The verification of international academic qualifications and experience certificates is a prerequisite for OSE and must be done before applying for the OSE membership. Oman’s Ministry of Labour recently announced that it is mandatory for all engineers to apply to the Oman Society of Engineers (OSE) for classification. This new rule will come into effect from the 1st of February 2023.

Why choose DataFlow to verify your documents for the Oman Society of Engineers (OSE)?

Industry’s Fastest Processing Time

We value our applicant’s time and the requirement of obtaining the license. Our competent team processes your PSV application with the fastest processing time meeting OSE’s highest standards.

Dedicated Customer Support

Achieving service excellence is our primary goal and we provide our applicants with multiple channels to request assistance:
• Online support page with a Self-Help Hub that includes useful information
Ticketing tool to raise queries and contact our support team
• Our Customer Support team is available to assist you with your queries via WhatsApp at +971 50 349 4337.

Easy Application Process

Our online portal offers the ideal application process with proper steps. It is easy, simple and intuitive. Once the application is submitted, you can track its progress using the case number. Click here to learn more.

Report Transfer Option

Have your documents been previously verified by DataFlow? Apply for “Report Transfer” and save MONEY, and TIME and speed up your process. Only applicants holding a DataFlow report have the option to transfer their previous reports between the different regulators in the GCC and abroad. Apply for Report Transfer and get your new report ready for OSE in less than 5 days if no new additional documents are submitted for verification. Click here to learn more.

Data Protection & Privacy

We provide service excellence to our partners and applicants, and meet quality and information security standards by adhering to the highest standards of security and quality. We are compliant with GDPR and global Data Protection acts. We are ISO9001 (QMS), ISO27001 (ISMS) and ISO27701 (PIMS) certified. Your data is safe with us!

Global Network

With our massive network of more than 100,000 Issuing Authorities, we scrutinise thousands of applications every week in the Gulf region for our clients as well as globally. Using our robust verification methodologies and cutting edge technologies, and wide network we verify the document from the issuing source.

The Oman Society of Engineers (OSE) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation established in 2001 by Ministerial Decision No. 186/200. OSE seeks to advance all matters related to engineers and engineering profession which ultimately contributes to the development of Oman.

To ensure that the engineers working in the Sultane are genuine and qualified, OSE relies on the stringent and comprehensive screening and verification services offered by its Primary Source Verification partner, DataFlow.

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