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DataFlow presents the best platform for seeking verification services by complying with the industry and country standards. With our dedicated team of experienced professionals, we understand the requirements of the regulatory bodies in different countries and ensure our verification and screening processes are in line with those.

Organizations partner with us to bring in genuine and competent professionals who serve their communities and meet their industry/regulatory standards. Applicants/professionals choose us for verifying their documents for our customer excellence, robust experience in verifying documents and a wide global network of Issuing Authorities that speeds up the process of verifying their documents directly from the source.

The DataFlow Group is a leading global provider of specialised Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions, and background screening and immigration compliance services. The DataFlow Group partners with clients across the public and private sectors to assist them in mitigating potential risk by exposing fraudulent:

Education degrees

Employment certificates

Practice Licenses

Work permits



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To ensure that hired professionals have the qualifications they claim, the DataFlow Group utilises cutting-edge technologies and leverages an expansive network of more than 100,000 issuing authorities throughout more than 200 countries and territories to liaise with primary sources and verify the authenticity of documents submitted by candidates, in accordance with global industry best practices and Joint Commission International (JCI) guidelines. In many cases, employee fraud may potentially result in:

Financial Losses

Regulatory Implications

Reputational Damage

Internal Risks

The DataFlow Group undertakes hundreds of thousands of immigration compliance screening and verification service transactions for professionals each year on behalf of various government, quasi government, regulatory and large multinational organisations worldwide. The DataFlow Group has partnered with:

Over the years, the DataFlow Group has emerged as the leading international provider to solely focus on background screening and immigration compliance solutions. Leveraging extensive intellectual property expertise in its field, the DataFlow Group has cultivated skills and processes that guarantee the highest levels of information integrity, as well as time and cost-efficient results for clients.

To further bolster its PSV process, DataFlow leverages multiple verification solutions and platforms:

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