Why is Verification of Credentials of professionals with a reliable Verification partner so important?

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5 Reasons why you should choose a Verification Partner to screen your candidates:

Screening fraudulent professionals to protect your community

It becomes a matter of national security when a foreign professional wants to work in a country. All the documents are mandatory for the application process. There is a need to check employment, education credentials and personal profiles thoroughly to ensure the professionals have the skill and competency to serve the community in order to protect and safeguard people. Most companies and organizations are not adept at verifying profiles at the deepest level when it comes to screening applicants and finding the authentic ones to recruit. A verification partner simplifies the process. From education certificates to professional licenses to good standing certificates,   a reliable Primary Source Verification partner can meet the needs and empower the recruiting process.

Verification of employment details and experience

The primary concern of organisations is that a professional applying for a responsible position or practising his current position in a foreign company should be a genuine one. The most significant part of the screening is the verification of experience. A candidate can obtain false certificates from unauthorised bodies to secure his new position.  A company cannot risk its productivity and quality by hiring unchecked professional profiles. It can jeopardize the reputation of the organisation and also quality of services delivered. Hence, verifying the authenticity of experiences mentioned on a resume or application is a must.

Reliable verification channels

Another good reason to onboard a Primary Source Verification partner such as DataFlow, is to ensure the authenticity of the credentials is checked directly by the source who issues the documents. However, most screening agencies rely on traditional methods of screening and do not check the authenticity of the document from the Issuing Authority. DataFlow is a global Primary Source Verification partner who verifies the documents directly from the Issuing Authorities with its global network of 100K authorities, leveraging its various solutions such as TrueProfile, DigiFlow, Digital Footprint Verification etc., to its added advantage.

Assessing candidates behaviour pre-dispositions

Applicants will display professional information in their CVs. However, it is hard to understand whether the stereotypical thinking or prejudices a candidate is holding against religion, race, gender etc. Combining the verification of credentials with social media screening through solutions like Digital Footprint Verification of DataFlow, can reveal a lot about one’s personality and attitudes.  

Deep verification leads to safety

Professional verification of the applications at the source level is ideal for screening unwanted profiles. The selection and recruitment process of a company becomes more refined and fruitful. Hence, hiring a verification partner for verification is the best bet for an organisation’s security and protecting communities.

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