Why do you need to transfer your DataFlow report to TrueProfile.io?

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The social media age and the increasing furor over the safety of sharing personal information has given rise to the enactment of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR). With the new privacy law, we cannot keep personal information for an unlimited period of time, and that includes your Primary Source Verified (PSV) report. If you already have your positively verified PSV report with the DataFlow Group before – the good news is that you can transfer it over to our new service TrueProfile.io. Your data will be stored securely and in adherence to new data protection laws.

As the DataFlow Group can no longer store your data indefinitely, should another employer require access to your verified credentials in the future, you would need to undergo another verification. All is not lost, however, as we have come up with a solution for you. This solution means that not only do you get to easily access your report, but you get to enjoy brand new benefits too! Your report will now be shareable, digital, accessible, and you can present it via your professional profile on LinkedIn.

As a verification industry leader, the DataFlow Group has constantly spearheaded innovations and breakthrough technology in our services. That’s why we have created TrueProfile.io – to solve a number of challenges within the verification industry for both the user and our clients. We recommend that DataFlow users transfer their report over to TrueProfile.io for safekeeping, should you need to access it in the future.


TrueProfile.io – Your report in your hands

With our new service TrueProfile.io, powered by the DataFlow Group, Applicants can now verify their credentials ahead of time. What’s more, it is secured by Ethereum blockchain technology – a cutting-edge database technology that is tamper-proof. Old DataFlow reports can be transferred to TrueProfile.io free of charge!

Everything that you need to do to transfer your report is outlined in this short video.

Transfer your report

You can transfer your report by clicking on this link and signing up. Your username will be your email address. Once you have assigned your password, the page will ask you for your old DataFlow Case Number and the passport that is associated with the report. Once your report is located in the database, you will see it as an icon on your myTrueProfile page.



Your TrueProof

Once you have transferred your report to TrueProfile.io, you can opt to subscribe to our Premium membership and get to enjoy the benefits of downloading your report as a TrueProof. Your TrueProof is compiled on your myTrueProfile page, where you can control your options, settings, future verifications, and shareability. Once you have a TrueProof, it means your report becomes future-proof, as it is stored on the blockchain. You can share it with authorities, employers, and even show it off on your LinkedIn profile. Sign up to TrueProfile.io now to secure your DataFlow report now!


Your questions, answered

If you have questions about TrueProfile.io, you can visit our FAQs section.


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