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As we get more globally connected, leveraging the best of available talent globally, we are presented with a challenge, that is – how to establish the authenticity of the credentials presented by the prospective candidates. There are various reasons that highlight the need for verification more than document alteration with technology, stricter governance from the regulators etc. 

There are a plethora of methodologies commonly used to validate the credentials such as visual comparison, personal reference, online research, Primary Source verification. Out of all, Primary Source Verification (PSV) methodology is the most comprehensive and evolved method. 

Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification or verifying of the credentials from the source is the most evolved methodology to determine the authenticity of the document and the information contained in the document.The principles are simple and there exist variations in the way they are implemented


While keeping the principles similar there can be variations in the way the actual verification process is performed. Some of the know variations in the processes include: 

  • Digital Verification – The Issuing Authority could digitize their records and make them available in a form in which verification can be sought electronically. 
  • Issuing Authority direct response – The Issuing Authority could be asked to send the certified copies directly to decision makers thereby ensuring verification from the source. 
  • Reach the Issuing Authority – Decision makers could reach out to the authorized individual at the Issuing Authority to review the submitted documents and sign off on the authenticity of the documents


  • Comprehensive – Through the process of reaching out to the Issuing Authority for checking the authenticity of the document, this is the most comprehensive verification methodology. 
  • Secure – With closing out the participation of the certificate owner as part of the process, the process significantly reduces the potential of the certificate owner to influence the outcome of the process. 
  • Site Visits – Instances in which an Issuing Authority has been unresponsive, a site visit may be required to verify an applicant’s credentials. Site visits can sometimes be eye opening and bring out significantly important aspects which may not have been available without a site visit.

DataFlow, as a pioneer in PSV, with its cutting edge technology, access to more than 100K issuing authorities across the globe and qualified research analysts and partners with major regulators, supporting their licensing and recruiting process. With our rigorous verification  methodologies, we attain the confirmation on the authenticity of credentials from the issuing source directly, ensuring that applicants are genuine and qualified, which streamlines and empowers the screening process of professionals from various industries, thereby building confidence in making sound decisions by regulators, corporates and authorities. 

To gain deeper insights on the various prevalent methods of verification and their pros and cons, share a few details to download the full read

Anshul Kwatra

Global Director, Client Onboarding & Business Development

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