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The DataFlow Group, headquartered in Dubai with operations in the MENA, Europe and Asia, is a leading Primary Source Verification partner and offers risk mitigation solutions.   The organization uses its vast network of more than 100,000 Issuing Authorities and cutting-edge technology to verify the credentials of applicants across the globe. This robust verification process ensures clients can hire top-quality and competent professionals who have all the necessary qualifications as claimed by them on their CV or job application. The DataFlow Group helps to mitigate the risk of hiring fraudulent professionals who forge their certificates, educational degrees, licenses, and official documents, such as passports and visas, to obtain health licenses from ministries and government authorities that would enable them to work in foreign countries.

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a background screening procedure that is highly accurate, rigorous and reliable. It verifies the education and employment documents of applicants directly from the source — Issuing Authorities in any part of the world. An applicant can upload and submit documents by visiting the website www.dataflowgroup.com.

Primary Source Verification (PSV) scrutinizes vital documents and verifies the credentials that are mandated by an ever-increasing number of applicants around the globe. The process used by the Primary Source Verification process maintains the integrity of the information that is being provided and ensures all individuals who are applying to the company or authorities are qualified and competent as required. The information that gets verified ranges from licenses and education/employment documents like graduation certificates, good standing certificates, etc. 

Remember 4 quick tips to get your verification done and DataFlow PSV report:

1.Get your documents ready for your PSV application: The first step is to make sure all your documents are readily accessible. Then, you will need to create an account if you have not already done so, Click here to sign up. Following the on-screen prompts, enter all of the required information. Once you have entered all your information, you will be required to upload those documents to prove the information that you have provided. There will be different sections as to where you need to provide information – personal, professional and education details. After submitting the information, provide your consent to DataFlow to verify your documents. In some instances, you will be required to download the Letter of Authorization or (LOA) – which gives the DataFlow Group permission to conduct the process of verification. This letter needs to be duly signed. Along with it, you also need to upload a copy of your official passport.

2.Submit your DataFlow Application: The second step is the verification of documents by the DataFlow Group team, who approaches the source of the document submitted, that is the Issuing Authority, that has issued the certificate/diploma/health license/employment certificate/any other document. Issuing Authorities – an authorised body, to verify and issue the authenticity of the documents. The usual verification process takes from 20 to 45 days from the time the application has been submitted. However, sometimes due to records being misplaced, document insufficiency or unforeseen delays in verifying data and documents, the timeframe for processing of verification may be extended.

3.Track your Case Status: You can track the status of your application online. You will be requested to provide your DataFlow case reference/Regulator reference along with your passport number.

4.Download your report once completed: You will receive a confirmation email once the verification process has been completed. Using the same status link you can download your PSV report once ready.

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